Phantom CLS Crossbow

If you’re an avid hunter, chances are you’ve considered buying a crossbow. These weapons have come a long way in the last couple of decades. There are now new limb materials, sights, strings, stock designs and arrows. All of these have resulted in modern crossbows which are more accurate, easier to use, and increasingly effective in bringing down big game. One of the challenges of hunting with a crossbow is that it’s still a short-range weapon. It is best used at no more than 40 yards which makes it doubly important that you choose the right one. TenPoint Crossbow Technology carries all of the best hunting crossbows in the market.

Even with all the great features of today’s crossbows, they are still heavy and can be cumbersome for hunting. Even so, they are becoming more and more popular, especially with those who hunt deer.

Crossbows are a very high precision weapon. Rifle hunters who are used to using a rest really love them since they can place one shot after another in the same hole.

Even those who are physically not as strong as they once were can use a crossbow. Modern crossbows feature optic sights which help with targeting and are easier to draw than a tradition or compound bow. Using a crossbow allows some hunters to extend their hunting years.

There are different types of crossbows, including compound and recurve. The simplest to operate is the recurve. This model doesn’t have the complicated stringing that is required when using an asymmetric or round wheel crossbow.

Compound crossbows usually have shorter limbs which can make them easier to use than a recurve, especially if you’re in a tree stand or another tight spot. Speed is important with a crossbow and compound crossbows will usually shoot faster than a recurve.

Choosing a crossbow is just like choosing any hunting weapon. It is always best to visit a pro shop and actually handle the crossbow. You will find great crossbows like TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Horton and Wicked Ridge.

You can handle the different crossbows and see which feels best. Crossbows have different draw weights. Many pro shops have ranges where you can test fire the crossbow. Once you find one you’re comfortable with, decide on a model and price and then practice, practice, practice.

One of the primary points to consider when choosing a new crossbow is draw weight. A crossbow that draws 150 pounds will do just fine against a deer. Higher draw weights mean more wear and tear on the crossbow, so unless you need the extra weight for hunting really big game, don’t get a crossbow with a huge draw weight.

The crossbow should feel comfortable when you are holding it. It shouldn’t be hard to handle or to shoot. Remember, you may be using this weapon while sitting in a blind or a treestand so you don’t want to struggle with it as you prepare to take your shot. It is easy to find the best hunting crossbow for you if you take your time and try out different models.