Italian Olive Oil

Italian food is quite popular, so even in many smaller cities, there are are many restaurants to choose from. Of course that doesn’t mean they serve up authentic Italian cuisine. Out of all those choices, what do you look for that separates the so-so restaurants from the real gems? It might surprise you to hear this, but it also depends on where you are looking. Think about searching for the best authentic Italian restaurant in Italy. It would be different than searching for the best restaurant in the US where you would just go to and read reviews.

It’s the same experience I’ve had when looking at Mexican restaurants in Texas vs in other southern states. You have to know what you’re looking for based on your location, too. Of course good lasagna is good lasagna, right? Wrong. You want the best, the freshest, the cheesiest lasagna there is, and the spices need to be the best, too. You can tell if you have authentic homemade lasagna sitting in front of you, and the same goes for other favorite Italian dishes.

It’s interesting because some experts say that some of the best restaurants that serve authentic Italian food actually don’t have much of a menu. In fact, some of them don’t even have a menu, go figure. You’re definitely going to know you’re having the whole experience once you’re there, but you want to know you’ve picked the right restaurant.

If you have ever driven by a particular place, what did you see? Was the place busy? What types of customers do you see going in to enjoy a meal? Are you looking for a family restaurant, or are you looking for one that serves up a more intimate setting for that romantic date? Some restaurants can handle both ends, especially when it’s all about the food.

You don’t necessarily need to see Italian people walking into the restaurant or even be greeted by Italian staff. Although, some of the smaller establishments sometimes have owners that are Italian and quite active in the operations. There used to be one of them here right beside the building where I live. It changed owners about two years ago, and so now the people that run the business aren’t Italian.

That place served up the best food, so don’t count out the smaller restaurants. Remember it is also about location, and that restaurant I just described is on the oceanfront. Oceanfront real estate is expensive and in this city, caters to people walking up and down the boulevard as it does people driving. Therefore, the building is small, but the food is authentic or was authentic and delicious.

The new owners tried to keep the same menu and feel to the place. However, they missed the mark in certain areas, and no one can replace Grandpa sitting in the corner overseeing operations and acting as bartender. When you find a good place, make sure you tell them and others so that it stays around. You want to keep coming back and eating delicious Italian food.