Sciatic Nerve Pain

It can be challenging to find natural pain relief options for sciatic nerve pain. Some of the more ‘natural’ methods can be expensive, while others simply do not work. The good news is that there are some foods that you can include in your diet that can provide quick relief from sciatic pain.

Sciatica is not a disease, but it is a symptom of an underlying health condition. It occurs when there is an injury to the nerve or compression on the nerve. If you suffer with this condition, you may experience tingling, pain and other uncomfortable sensations. In some cases, the pain may be caused by an issue like a tumor.

The question most people ask is, “Why should I consider a natural relief option when my medication is working?” Unfortunately, the longer you suffer with this type of pain, the longer you will take the medication. The accumulation of medication in your body can lead to other issues that linger well after the sciatic pain is gone. Apart from this article the siteĀ has other effective remedies.

So, what are the foods that are effective in reducing sciatic pain?


There is an enzyme contained in this fruit called Bromelain. This enzyme not only acts as a digestive aid, but it is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and can also be used to treat heart disease. Pineapples can be eaten every day to help ward off a sciatic pain attack.

Bromelain is also available in supplement form in health food stores. However, you may want to have a consultation with your physician before taking any supplements.

Lemons And Lemon Juice

Although lemons can be eaten to help keep sciatic pain at bay, the real power is in the juice of the fruit. When you notice the pain, you can take a teaspoon or two of lemon juice. You can also suck on the lemon.

It does not sound very appetizing; but lemon juice works fast to break down the acidic buildup that often occurs around the sciatic nerve. This can result in pain. The lemon juice will work quickly to alkalinize the area around the nerve and eliminate the pain.


Peanuts are so effective that they can be eaten at the onset of pain. They can be consumed during the worst flare ups and you will still notice an improvement from your pain.

The reason why peanuts work so well is because sciatica place enormous strain on the muscular system. Peanuts contain magnesium, which is a natural muscle relaxer. Therefore, peanuts and other foods that are rich in magnesium are the perfect option for natural sciatic pain relief.


It is a popular spice that is used in Indian curry, but it is also a great anti-inflammatory. In fact, there are some studies that suggest that Turmeric may be just as effective at reducing pain as over the counter medication.

The spice should never be used topically. Instead, you can consume it in a beverage like milk, or it can be added to yogurt.

Finding a natural solution for your sciatic pain may seem like a challenge. However, learning to heal your body with food can be very rewarding.