Egg and Bacon Rawhide

Puppies just love to chew! This much any dog lover could tell you, but making the best choice for the health of your puppy is an especially important decision to protect their young life from health risks and possibly death.

There are bones, synthetic bones, knotted cords and more, but the treat that dogs favor above all others is the classic rawhide strip. While there are some very important advantages of this premium chewing option for puppies, there are also a few important risks that any puppy owner should know if they hope to see their young friend grow into a strapping specimen of canine health and longevity.

This concise article will cover all you need to know about rawhide for puppies and present you with the considerations that can lead you to the premium rawhide for your puppy.

Advantages of Rawhide for Puppies

  • Puppies will receive some important benefits to their teeth and general oral hygiene with a top-quality rawhide chew treat. The chewing action softens the hide making it wrap snugly around the teeth and gums. This helps to remove plaque and massages the gums improving the circulation of blood.
  • Puppies will chew through your furniture, Jimmy Choo’s, soccer ball, rugs and anything else that tickles their curiosity. It would be better to provide them with an irresistible chew toy that keeps them occupied on one object. Rather than reducing the value and functionality of your household objects.
  • Teething can be as uncomfortable for puppies as it can be for young humans. Much of the discomfort and irritability associated with teething can be addressed with an appropriate chewing option. Puppies cutting their teeth on a rawhide strip are happier and develop stronger jaws and teeth as they grow.
  • The final advantage is the uncanny liking that dogs have rawhide, there is hardly a canine that can say “Nein” to a rawhide strip. As a matter of fact, it is the strong enjoyment dogs display that can cause their owners to forget some of the serious health risks involved with rawhide.

The Bad:

  • Rawhide can present a choking hazard to small and large dogs. This happens when small portions of the rawhide become soggy and fall from the strip. These can become lodged in the throat and cause asphyxiation.
  • Rawhide is not very digestible, if swallowed the lump of rawhide absorbed moisture and begins to expand. This can cause intestinal blockage and result in death if not addressed quickly. Small bits that are swallowed can also accumulate and cause this problem.
  • Finally, dog rawhide strips made by shoddy manufacturers can contain toxic chemicals that can send the dogs health off kilter.The Perfect Alternative — DIGESTIVE DOG RAWHIDE by NEOS

    The best alternative is to provide your dog with a dedicated product designed to address your dog’s chewing needs while protecting their health and lives. NEOs applies a patented process to producing their rawhide for puppies.The treats they create are soft and digestible, so there is no worry of them becoming stuck within the body and causing health risks. Finally, they contain harmful additives that can adversely affect the dog’s health in any other way.